How to use Tabun

Tabun team

We'll tell you how to add the widgets, bookmarks, and use Tabun to its fullest potential.

Step 1 – Install the extension

Go to the main page of the extension in the chrome store and click "add to chrome".

Step 2 – Open a new tab in your browser

Open a new tab in your browser, then you will be taken to your home page, where you can use our extension.

Step 3 – Add bookmarks

To add bookmarks, click the "+" icon and enter the necessary data. The URL of the site and the name to display the bookmark. An icon is added for popular sites.

Step 4 – Wallpaper management

Go to the gallery to see new photos and videos. To change a photo just click on it, to switch to a dynamic or static background, you need to click on the switch "live video".